Margaret Gurney 
is an Australian artist whose love of painting and drawing has been a natural part of her life.
Her contemporary style emphasises shape, form and intuitive colour.


Her portfolio is inspired by the Australian landscape and boasts works in a variety of media.

Melbourne-based artist Margaret Gurney has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally in a career spanning most of her life. An advocate for Australian arts, Margaret is an esteemed member of the arts community, evident through the multi-faceted roles she has held including, teaching, management and a founding member of the Bayside Cultural Advisory Committee.

A love of drawing and painting has been a natural part of Margaret’s life from her earliest days. Her contemporary style continues to develop, emphasising strong shapes, form and glowing, intuitive colour. She is versatile, working in watercolours, oils, mixed media and drawing.

Margaret often paints in remote parts of the Australian outback. Her work is a strong reflection of our Australian iconography and imagery. 

Her work is represented in numerous private collections in Australia and overseas, She is an exhibiting member of the Melbourne Women Painters and Sculptors, Victorian Artist Society, the Contemporary Arts Society and other Melbourne art societies.

Margaret was invited to exhibit in the Florence Biennale 2009. She was selected by an international jury of art practitioners, historians and curators.

Winner of numerous awards, Margaret is represented in collections around the world.

Her career exhibitions include 22 solo shows and numerous selected group exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

Her study of art has been continuous; Graphic Design at Swinburne, Post Graduate Community Education/Development, Art Study tours of the Mediterranean, Europe, Egypt, Israel, Eastern Europe and North America. 

Margaret worked as a graphic designer, an art director, a lecturer and an Arts Education Manager.

She has taught at the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne Art Societies, and was a Cultural Advisor on the Bayside Cultural Advisory Committee.

Born into an artistic family, she is the youngest daughter of Australian war artist, Alex Gurney, creator of the legendary ‘Bluey and Curley’ cartoon.

She paints with a deep passion and for the sheer love of such a creative outlet. A burst of colour and light to inspire, delight and remember is what she hopes her paintings give to all who see them. 

Photo Courtesy of Leader Newspapers